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Are you a real estate agent needing some photos from the air? Are you a farmer who needs to scout your crop fields? Maybe you are needing your printer hooked up, or would like a website for your business? Whatever your drone or tech need, we can help.


Completed Projects

9 Years

Combined Training

What we do?

Photo & Video

Want to film a commercial, with angles from the air? Need photos of your 100+ acre land listing, with boundary lines clearly represented? We'll even shoot a video, along with transitions, color grading, and edits. 

Tech Help

Is that printer of yours acting up? PC showing full storage and you need to backup everything? Computer running slow, and want it to be fast again? We will come out, diagnose your issues, and offer recommendations and repair.

Crop Scouting

When you have acreage, you know it can be such a time consuming part of your busy day to have to go scout your crops on your land. Forget getting in the side-by-side, just give us a call and we'll scout them for you!

Who Am I?

Austin Holt, Founder

I'm Austin Holt, a Google Trained & Certified IT Support Professional with 9 years of experience in tech. I am a proud father of 2 boys and started this company to help out friends and family with their technology and drone needs. I believe in delivering a professional, quality, product that can speak for itself. So, let my work do the talking! Give me a call today. 


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